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February 14, 2009


Peter Stindberg

I never understood Zyngo. I only recently read an interview (http://www.rezmagazine.co.uk/2008/10/new-gaming-and-ban-that-isnt.html) with its creator, and he came a cross pretty... tough. Apparently when the gaming ban got implemented he hired himself a lawyer and convinced LL that Zyngo is not a gamble. /me shrugs

Little Lost Linden

In my sl travels it appears to me that at least half the sl traffic is bot related.

In 2006, I completely remember traffic levels near 45K on the weekends. 2 years later and it's 80k, and I know that a huge percentage of the new traffic is bots that have infiltrated the sims.

Someone really needs to invent an inworld game of detecting bots and posting sims with the most bots and photos etc., similar to the german site that does it, only in English, or at least translated to English so people from the US can participate.

In exchange for not only having the fun of hunting bots, and believe me, it is sometimes fun trying to find them when they are well hidden in a sim (please note, this is the opposite of finding them when you are searching for real people to chat with, socialize with), but also, if someone could reward bot hunters with Lindens, or with name recognition or something, I think those would be the 2 key catalysts for everyone to start noticing bots more.

And that is the problem, too many people don't know they exist, and don't realize how many problems bots can cause, and they also don't understand how deceptive bot use is.

It also wastes a persons time when they are looking for things to do, people to see, etc., and they are constantly being tricked into visiting empty sims filled with bots.

Once you start to realize, that bots, simply, are the equivialent of e-mail SPAM, that is when you realize how bad bots are and why they should be removed or at least reduced, similar to how SPAM filters are in place.

If you get nothing from this rant, please try to burn this image into your mind and hopefully you will start to understand:



It really, really, is just that simple.


What you don't realize is that...
1) There are a ton of people who play zyngo in SL, it has a HUGE following, even more so then any casino game before the ban.
2) What gaming clubs are you going to? There are a lot of zyngo clubs packed at all times. Try some of the bigger places like zyngo starlight, zyngo dynasty or renato's.
3) Don't be so quick to judge or disrespectful to the gaming community of SL. It takes a lot of talent and hard work to create a successful game and to provide a decent and lag free environment for players.


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